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Video Intercom On-The-Go

  • AlphaTouch™ can simultaneously call multiple residents, or a single resident by a variety of methods. These methods include direct telephone dialing, mobile-app calling and calling to one or more resident monitors.
  • Visitors can choose to contact all residents of an apartment, or select an individual resident to contact.
  • Residents using the mobile app, can share their own live video stream when answering, providing real-time face-to-face audio/video communications.
Works with
"Alexa, unlock front door"
+ Doorbell Notifications

Remote Web Management

Managers can make changes to system settings from virtually any web-enabled device, even a mobile device.

Access Control Schedule

All resident and visitor access can be scheduled to maximize security.

Elevator Controls

Integrate AlphaTouch with your elevator system to ensure maximum security for resident/visitor access.


Factory-Programmed system devices simply connect to an Internet-Enabled PoE LAN and automatically self-program.

Visitor Virtual Keys

Entrance stations can detect programmable resident and visitor QR codes in order to grant access.

Programmable Door-Release

Up to 256 programmable relays that can be programmed to activate up to 3 different door-relase actions.

Integrates With Most Existing Analog Systems*

  • Easily retro-fit your existing intercom system with smart video capabilities.
  • Replace large door stations of up to 512 buttons with a modern, sleek touchscreen directory.
  • Maintain existing compliance in areas where hard-wired devices are required.

* PATENT PENDING Additional hardware may be required. Contact us to see if your system is compatible!

Analog System Retro-Fit

Keep your exsisting analog intercom or video-intercom system in place, while adding all of AlphaTouch's Smart features.

Touchscreen Devices

Door stations, apartment monitors and concierge stations all have 7.0" touchscreen interfaces.

Postal Release / Egress Inputs

Up to 3 individual inputs allow you to trigger your door release actions mechanically.

Maintenance Alerts

Managers can opt to receive alerts notifying them of any urgent maintenance needed.

Ambient Door Lighting

Door stations have ambient LED lighting that can be triggered upon the level of enironmental light.

Event Logs with Photos

All system activity is logged along with names and a photo (if applicable).

Full-Featured Staff Station for Concierge or Doorman

  • Reserved Permenant Phone Number for Tenant Call-In and Call out through Mobile Apps or Standard Telephone
  • 2-Way Video Calling, with option for 3rd IP Visitor Camera Stream
  • Privacy Handset with Shortcut Keys and Touchscreen for Easy Operation.

Multilingual Audio & Text

Current supported languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish

Administrators & Permissions

Access to various aspects of the system settings can be granted to virtually as many administrators as needed.

Proximity-Tag Access

Built-in proximity tag readers with 26-Bit Wiegand Output that allows integration to your compatible access control system.

Resident Access Codes

Resident have access codes and up to 3 additional ways to gain access.

Community Forums

Message Forums promote tenant interaction and provide a common area to discuss issues.

Extremely Weather Resistant

Outdoor hardware is IP65 Rated against moisture and dust with a large functioning termparature range.

Various Mounting Options!

In additional to surface and flush wall mouting options (with or
without rain hood), Freestanding Pedestal & Gooseneck style mounting
options are now available as well.
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