New Pedestal Mounting Options

August 18, 2020

New Mounting Options!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with
Pedestal Pros to provide a variety of Pedestal Mounting Options!

Freestanding Pedestal & Gooseneck style mounting
options are now available.
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New Addon: Package Management, Notification & Display

June 23, 2020

This addon gives you a convenient way to have your doorman or other staff members accept packages and deliveries on behalf of your tenants, and provide smart solutions to provide rapid notifications to your tenants. One thing we see all too often is a multi-unit building with a doorman who accepts packages on behalf of the tenants and has no efficient way of alerting the tenants. One common method we've seen is to have the door man place sticky notes on the tenants' mailboxes with a note. The sticky notes then proceed to fall off after a little time and confusion ensues. We've even seen some situations where the doorman will individually message each tenant. Who has time for that?

Administrators will gain access to the web based, barcode-scanner-friendly Package Portal that allows them to check packages in and out, as well as manage certain related settings. When packages are checked in, the recipient tenants are immediately notified on their mobile device and/or by email.

The addon also includes unlimited MailRoom Display licenses. This allows you to place display screens around the public areas of the building, such as the front desk or in their respective mail room, so resident can see if they have a package or delivery to pick up.

For more information please view Package Bundle Help as well as the Addons area of your Management Portal.

Example MailRoom Display

Example Package Portal Screens




New Community Features: Message Forums & Event Calendars

April 16, 2020

There is one feature set the development team has had on the list of future features for some time. We invisioned a community area where building tenants could interact with one another through message forums as well as a place where they could stay up to date on local events. At a time when we all find ourselves socially distanced and isolated from the people around us, we decided to expedite the development and deployment of this feature. We are happy to announce that the Message Forum and Event Calendar functions have been released.

Enabling Community Features
Account administrators can enable the community features by accessing the MANAGE > COMMUNITY area of the management portal. Additionally, this area give administrators the ability to edit Message Forum and Event Calendar settings, calendars, categories and much more!

Accessing Community Features
Once enabled, administrators and residents can access these features in the community area by clicking their COMMUNITY menu tab.



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